project – Muzaïek website – screens

When Muzaïek, an organisation which hosts (musical related) activities for children, required a new website, they also saw this as an opportunity to automate a large part of the subscription process for their activities.

More opportunities lied in the centralisation of their customer’s data, the automation of sending participation and fiscal certificates and much more.

Our collaboration with Lobkey Monster resulted in an ecosystem of two applications that fluently work together. There’s Muzaïek’s main website, which is controlled by a WordPress cms that contains the FAQ, contact page, blog posts and more.

And there’s a secondary, much larger system: a custom web application which controls the creation and management of activities, the families’ and co-workers’ accounts, all subscriptions and corresponding payments. As well as the automated sending of several system emails, including the certificates and an download section only available for certain user roles.