project – Feral Group Configurator – screens

Feral Group, producer of steel frame windows and doors, presented us with a typical problem a lot of companies in their position face: they were losing a lot of time on administrative tasks rather than actually being able to do the work they enjoy.

Especially calculating prices based on their distributors’ measurements and preferred options and subsequently creating quotes for those requests was a time-consuming job. Resolving this with an automated process would save the company both a lot of time and money.

We helped to create a custom tool that consists out of two parts. The first is a configurator to replace the need for manual calculations by Feral Group employees. This configurator allows people to easily configure their product while seeing a preview and budget estimation for the final product. Afterwards the system automatically generates a quote as PDF, saving Feral Group a huge amount of time.

The second part is an account and login system for employees and distributors and an admin interface in which Feral Group can manage the accounts of their employees, distributors and their subaccounts. Later on we also added a publicly available version of the application embedded on Feral Group’s website with a bit fewer options.